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"Burning Flames" is an ancient fantasy drama directed by Zheng Weiwen ("The Untamed") and co-directed by Liu Chongchong ("Thousand Years for You"). It stars Ren Jialun ("Under the Power"), Fair Xing ("Put Your Head on My Shoulder"), Zhu Xudan ("Eternal Love"), and Yan Yikuan ("Schemes of a Beauty") in leading roles. The series is adapted from the super animation IP "Burning Flames" produced by Xuan Ji Technology. It tells the story of Wu Geng (played by Ren Jialun), a prince of the human race who becomes a slave after his kingdom is destroyed. Despite his circumstances, he remains determined to seek revenge for his parents and people, inheriting the will of the former king and leading his fellow humans in resisting the oppression of the divine race. Wu Geng, the fallen prince of the human race (played by Ren Jialun), experiences the devastation of his family and becomes a slave in the lowest levels of a mine. He carries the deep vengeance of his fallen kingdom and, in order to improve himself, follows his grandfather and life mentor Fu Xi (Played by Liu Xiangjing) to the hidden village of the gods for training. With the guidance of Zi Yu (played by Yan Yikuan), Shi Xing (played by Mi Re), and others, he overcomes various challenges and obstacles, relying on his indomitable spirit. He embarks on a path of revenge and freedom. Eventually, he forms a powerful army to confront the gods and bring an end to the long-standing struggle against enslavement. The series will be available for online streaming on iQiyi International (iq.com).
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