Bull Demon King Rise Again

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1 h 27 m


In ancient times, Chi You, the leader of the demon tribe, was arrogant and disruptive to the Heavenly Court, so he was transformed back to his original form. The Heavenly Father was compassionate enough to let him live, giving him a kind heart to relegate him to a mortal. But unexpectedly, a few years later, Chi You's magic body and memory was deliberately awakened by people with ulterior motives. Chi You to Kunlun to seek to a method to unveil it by himself. On the way, he meets the Princess Iron Fan, Ye Xiaoxiao. The two suffer together, love grew, and also met pig demons Zhu Dachang and Gou Shisan on the way. Chi You was conflicted several times between good and evil, and almost led to a catastrophe, but ultimately evil does not suppress good, and he eventually unravels the conspiracy.
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