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Singing talent Xiang Dongnan, he breezed through the survival show and was a top artist once, with millions of fans, However, after five years of glory, he falls into a creative bottleneck. Not only does he have rumors being spread about him, and he also had a whole plagiarism fiasco that had him been asked to leave the entertainment industry. Just as he was about to give up, his assistant Lin Sheng and the principal of the Affiliated Middle School pushed him to the podium on the grounds of a reality show. After learning the truth, Xiang Dongnan was forced to stay in the alma mater where he once taught due to the contract. Since then, the superstar in trouble has become the head teacher of the school's art class. By accident, they became roommates with English teacher Su Qi and math teacher Chen Liusan. When the infinitely lazy star encounters a passionate and obsessive control freak, the frenemies spark an interesting story. Through this, Xiang Dongnan and his partners stumbled all the way, helping students face difficulties to find themselves amidst all kinds of growth troubles, and gradually realized personal growth and found their own love and happiness.
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