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The Chinese drama series "Bright Eyes in the Dark" is adapted from the highly popular novel of the same name on Jinjiang Literature. It is directed by Tian Yi and Yi Yong, known for their work on "Chasing the Undercurrent." The leading roles are played by Huang Jingyu ("Operation Red Sea," "The Thunder") and Zhang Jingyi ("Run for Young," "Lighter and Princess.") It is a firefighting-themed inspirational drama created by the award-winning team behind "Chasing the Undercurrent." Lin Luxiao (played by Huang Jingyu) is the captain of the special operations station on Heping Road in Beixun City, possessing exceptional firefighting skills and extensive experience. Through a series of events, he becomes an instructor on a reality TV show aimed at educating the public about firefighting. During the show, Lin Luxiao unexpectedly reunites with Nan Chu (played by Zhang Jingyi), a dancer he had rescued from a fire several years ago. Nan Chu develops strong feelings for Lin Luxiao, but he keeps his distance due to the inherent dangers of his profession. The younger generation of firefighters, including Shao Yijiu (played by Li Mingjun), Qin Shiquan (played by Chen Kang), and the equipment specialist Lou Mingye (played byWang Ziqi), join the team, bringing advanced firefighting techniques learned from abroad. The three generations of firefighters collaborate in disaster rescues, including fires, earthquakes, and aerial rescues, elevating Beixun City's firefighting safety standards. As Lin Luxiao and Nan Chu deepen their understanding of each other, they face the most dangerous challenge yet, a forest fire. Lin Luxiao and his team choose to advance against the flames. This drama will be available for online streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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