Break War

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Hong Kong is the safest city in Asia and a world-renowned international financial center. Its four core values are "finance, real estate, education, and judiciary," symbolizing the supreme glory of this international metropolis. Mo Yun, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Hong Kong, has cracked ten major unsolved cases in just three years, earning him the title of a bona fide detective in Hong Kong. This time, he is about to face a challenge from a terrorist organization named "FREE," which aims to sanction Hong Kong's four core values. In a matter of days, Hong Kong's largest financial institution, the Zhou Group, experiences a sudden stock market crash, with the chairman arrested and the Hong Kong economy plummeting by more than 20%; overnight, all ten renowned real estate developers mysteriously disappear, causing property prices to half; the most prestigious century-old school in Hong Kong is bombed into ruins, leading to a citywide school closure. Their title of the safest city in Asia is utterly lost! A final showdown involving the lives and fortunes of Hong Kong's seven million residents has finally begun.
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