BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War

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26 Episodes


Due to Ichigo's life, the empty town he lives in has undergone a transformation. The emergence of new Shinigami and new enemies, as well as cries for help. Ichigo picked up the Soul Slaying Blade again and stepped onto the battlefield. On the other hand, in the Soul Society, it was observed that the void in the present world suddenly and continuously disappeared, and the residents of Rukongai who were led to live in this land disappeared, and Seireitei, stationed in Shinigami, was attacked by bandits. The true identity of the bandit army is the "Invisible Empire" led by Quincy's founder, Yhwach. The Invisible Empire declared war on Shinigami. Five days later, Soul Society was annihilated by the 'Invisible Empire' The karma that Shinigami has carried for thousands of years. The fate and hidden truth have finally been revealed. Everything is coming to an end. Heizaki Ichigo, the final battle has begun——

Also Known As:

Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Arc
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