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The Korean drama "Bitch and Rich," directed by Min Jiyoung and written by Jung Sungeun, stars Lee Eunsaem ("The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil"), Yeri ("Descendants of the Sun"), Lee Jonghyuk ("Our Dating Sim"), and Yoo Junghoo ("Bad Girlfriend"). The series tells the intense psychological struggle that unfolds between Kim Hyein (played by Lee Eunsaem), a transfer student from a humble background and the sole witness to a high school girl's murder, and Baek Jina, a powerful suspect in the murder case and the third-generation heir of a conglomerate who also holds significant influence in the school. For Hyein (Lee Eunsaem), what she needs in life is not a college education but a decent pair of "branded shoes" for her interviews. Everything at Cheongdam International High School appears glamorous and elegant, but it houses the most prominent murder suspect and the witness. However, there is another person tormenting Hyein at this school, and that person is none other than Cheongdam International High School's queen, Jina. In order to graduate smoothly, Hyein chooses to lie and fabricate evidence at the murder scene. Believing that she is making the best choices for herself in every moment, Hyein thinks she is only doing it for her own sake. However, the lies snowball and grow bigger, ultimately coming back to haunt her. Will Hyein be able to graduate successfully and achieve her dreams? The drama will be available for online streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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