Best Choice Ever

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Born into an ordinary family in Shanghai, Mai Chenghuan who is born after 1995 is urged by her mother, Liu Wanyu, to discuss marriage with her boyfriend, Xin Jialiang. However, the superior economic condition of Xin's family makes this originally equal relationship unbalanced. At the same time, the excessive interference of Mai's mother in her daughter's life accelerates the breakup between Mai Chenghuan and Xin Jialiang. Caught between filial piety and loyalty to oneself, Mai Chenghuan seeks a difficult path. She gradually frees herself from her mother's overbearing care and becomes more focused and ambitious in her career. Mai Chenghuan's transformation is recognized by her step-grandmother, who entrusts her with the important responsibility of managing the family hotel. The step-grandmother's biological grandson, professional hotel manager Yao Zhiming, gains a deeper understanding of Mai Chenghuan through their cooperation, and they become work partners, advancing side by side. In their personal lives, Yao Zhiming is surrounded by the genuine affection within the Mai family, and his feelings for Mai Chenghuan gradually warm. From "under Chenghuan's care" to "achieving oneself," Mai Chenghuan embarks on an extraordinary path of personal growth.
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