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“Begin again”(2021)- A story about Lu Fangning (Played by Zhou Yutong), a bossy executive of a furniture corporation who is trying to win the heart of the gentle and dashing surgeon Ling Rui (Played by Gong Jun). The two got married because of an agreement but slowly falls for each other in their married life. Lu Fangning is a cold, proud, and stubborn executive. Due to the pressure from her family, she signs a contract that binds her to one year of marriage with Ling Rui. Ling Rui is a person of sheer focus and efficiency. In the beginning, Fangning wants to have Ling Rui's love, but he slowly learns to understand Fangning and takes the initiative to woo her instead. "Young Blood" which has Zhou Yutong playing as the main protagonist and "Flavor It's Yours" with Gong Jun as the main character are also available on iQiyi.
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