Beauty of Resilience (Thai ver.)

소식 | Beauty of Resilience (Thai ver.)

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중국 대륙우상연애/로맨스판타지선협달달한 연애고대 복장


"Beauty of Resilience" is a light period Xianxia drama directed by Hu Yijuan ("The King's Woman") and Chen Guohua ("The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion"), starring Ju Jing Yi ("Legend of Yun Xi"), Guo Junchen ("Go Princess, Go!"), Liu Dongqin ("Delicious Romance"), Lu Tingyu (J"Rebirth For You"), and Ma Yue ("The Great Ruler"). This drama is adapted from the popular Xianxia novel "The Mistaken Eternal Life" by Lin Jiacheng. It tells the magnificent Xianxia story of Wei Zhi (played by Ju Jingyi), the female protagonist who is reincarnated as a phoenix, and Yan Yue (played by Guo Junchen), the male protagonist who is the Sun God. They go through hardships and finally break the destiny of how the "phoenix nirvana will shake the three worlds" and rewrite their own Xianxia story together. This drama will be broadcast online on iQIYI's international site (iq.com).
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