Be My Wife Season3

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16 Episodes
Chinese MainlandMandarinComedyRomanceLight Novel Adaptation


Su Luo was taken away by her love rival Li Yaoyao and her master Yanxia Fairy. Without her shadow transfer technique, she reveals her true face, which would also reveal her mysterious background. Su Luo escaped control and destroyed the Yunxia Fairy Cave, but he was also seriously injured and fell into the sea. The one who rescued her was her lover who assassinated her on earth—Yun Qi. In the midst of shock, Yun Qi blurts out about how he knows the secret about Su Luo’s identity. Meanwhile, Nangong used all types of forces to find Su Luo. Will Su Luo choose the shortcut for the secret her identity, to go with Yun Qu who betrayed her, or to return to Nangong Liuyun and work together to uncover what she wants to know...
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