Bazaar Beloved Birds

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Yu Xixi and Yu Chao grew up under the same roof. Yu Chao was reserved and rarely smiled, sticking to his principles; while Yu Xixi was lively, mischievous, and free-spirited. Their mother entrusted both the Will Immortal Tower and the Yu family to Yu Chao before her passing. Simultaneously, she urged Yu Chao to marry Yu Xixi as soon as possible, hoping that the two could support and take care of each other in the future. However, the two harbored mutual displeasure towards each other. Simultaneously, a scandal from fifteen years ago resurfaced in the martial world, adding complexity to the situation with intricate martial forces, grudges, and romantic entanglements. Amidst conflicts and struggles, Yu Xixi and Yu Chao found redemption, discovering their own path in the martial world. As the martial world returned to calm, Yu Xixi and Yu Chao returned to the Will Immortal Tower, renaming it "Zhao Xi Tower" by taking one character from each of their names. They didn't seek treasures or titles; they only wished to live a fulfilling and joyful life in the midst of a vibrant world.
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Episodes 1-24