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In 2013, by chance, I learned on the radio that a charity concert will be held by autistic people. At this time, I suddenly had the idea of making a documentary about "autism". There was no purpose. I just felt that I should do such a thing. Maybe it was a call from my heart. In contact with Beibei's mother, before "lonely life" officially started shooting. Because of the active cooperation of the participants, the shooting work went smoothly. I also had a deeper understanding and cognition of autism in the process of filming. I remember when I first met Beibei, he was quietly and attentively playing piano music, practicing for the first "Star Concert". Seeing Beibei, I have a sense of awe, which comes from his calmness and sincerity. I tried to shake hands with him. At first, he was very frightened. Later, with the encouragement of his parents, he reached out his hand.
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