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In 2022, "Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2" continues off from "Attack on Titan Final Season", revolving around Malai's attack on Pa Island, Allen and Marley fight again. In the torrential rain, Levi, who was suspected of being killed in action, was found by Hange lying on the side of the road. Not far from him, there was a strange pure titan emitting steam, and a man crawled out of it. It was the beast titan Zeke Yeager who had recovered from his injuries. He said that in his memory there was a girl who repaired his body with mud, it felt like an instant, but also seemed like a thousand years, and was shocked that they are at the "coordinates". At the same time, the Marley Army launched a surprise attack on the "Higanshina District", and that marks the beginning of everything, with a large number of troops, and the major giants also launched operations. "Come on, Reiner." Ai, who possesses the power of many titans, was challenged by Reiner, the "armor titan", and the two faced off again. But when the victory was about to be won, the "jaws titan" Polk and the "cart titan Pique also attacked Eren one after another. Eren was seriously injured and was about to be swallowed up. Facing the difficult situation of Eren alone against the three giants and Marley soldiers, Onyankopon, who once betrayed everyone, chose to release Armin, Mikasa and their party from the prison, betting all hope on them. Hoping that they can go and support Ellen... The "Attack on Titan" series of animations is adapted from the Shounen manga "Attack on Titan" created by Japanese cartoonist Isayama. This is the final season of the "Attack on Titan" series. The main voice actors are Kaji Yuki, Ishikawa Yui, Inoue Marina, and Kamiya Hiroshi. In the final season, the OP is "The Rumbling" by SiM, and the ED is "The Son of the Devil" by Ai Higuchi. The drama will be broadcasted online on iQIYI International Site (iq.com) on January 10, 2022, with an episode updated every Monday at 01:35.

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shingeki no kyojin
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