Anti Reset

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Chu Yiping, a university professor indifferent to everything, receives care from the artificial intelligence robot Heng-9 developed by his uncle's company after he dislocates his hand. Heng-9 accompanies him to buy groceries and arrange household affairs. As Chu Yiping's curiosity grows, he excitedly clears a room for Heng-9 and takes it to school to observe classes. The companionship of the lifelike robot stirs emotions in Chu Yiping, making him gradually feel more human. He asks Heng-9 to write a wishlist, and they explore farms together and ride ferris wheels, but before the wishes are fulfilled, Heng-9 malfunctions and is about to be forcefully rebooted. Thinking that a robot can provide enduring companionship, Chu Yiping faces the reality that humans age and die, and machines can malfunction. How will he navigate this situation?
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