Ancient Building Town Mausoleum Palace

Detalhes | Ancient Building Town Mausoleum Palace

1h 10m


Disguised as oil workers, tomb raiders Wang Qingnian and Li Erdan come to the small town in the northwest to secretly search for the legendary tomb of the ancient Silk Road. Wang Qingnian helps a broken-down convoy out of danger. The convoy members include Western Region experts Professor Zhao and Lin Wan. Wang Qingnian and Li Erdan infiltrate the archaeological team as guides, and under Wang Qingnian's guidance, everyone finds their target. The bodies of the previous explorers are also found here. Lin Wan deduces that there is an ancient book among the relics that records the history of the ancient Loulan Kingdom. Wang Qingnian deciphers the book and discovers that Loulan was attacked by a terrifying demon, which the last king of Loulan defeated. The last king of Loulan then created a "soul-suppressing coffin" to seal the demon and himself together, of which lies beneath this very site…
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