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This tells the story of two young lion dancers who grew up together, "Lion Head–Luo Xingxing" and "Lion Tail–He Yangguang." However, as time passes, due to changes in the Luo family, and the He family emigrating, they have never met since. Many years later, Luo Xingxing, who had changed his name, came to Singapore as part of Tianfu University for an exchange to Wiley University. Here, he happened to meet with the He Yangguang, who took the opportunity to return to China to look for Luo Xingxing. where they finally met at the entrance of the old street; and at this time, looking at Luo Xingxing, who is deep in debt and taking care of his grandmother alone, He Yangguang had so many questions to ask. After the success of their small business, "Little Lion" and the death of Grandma Luo from her illness, they finally untie each other's hearts and, like "Little Lion," face loss bravely and face life positively. face life positively
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