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In the cinema on the seat no. G8 and G9. It's the place where Suansoon and Ongsa first met. Their relationship has grown up until the day of 10th Anniversary. Ongsa got into a car crash and was in a coma. "Hope we never met", Suansoon begging for something that is impossible. But when he opened his eyes, everything changed. He met teenager Ongsa. To survive in this time travel, he has to pretend to be amnesiac. Suansoon started to get to know Ongsa once. And for the wish to come true, he cannot let the teenager himself meet with Ongsa. When the past was fixed, the future changed. Ong-sa and Suansoon get into the loop to reform the past. With their hope that they will not lose each other. Until they will be together again, at the seats no. G8 and G9.
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