A Girl Like Me

Butiran | A Girl Like Me

40 Episod
Tanah Besar ChinaRomantikDramaKostumBahasa Mandarin

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Neo Hou , Chung Lin


It tells a love story between an unlucky girl and a talented and handsome boy. The girl Ban Hua appears to be outgoing and straightforward but indeed is kind-hearted and sensitive. But she was broken off an engagement three times with no reason. Unexpectedly, she finds that she can predict future in her dreams, so she decides to use this ability to protect her family from misfortune. Meanwhile, the boy Rong Xia seeks to find the truth of his birth and resolve the mystery of the extermination of his family. By accident, they meet each other and fall in love. They join hands to reveal the secrets and finally live a happy life forever.
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Tonton Kemudian
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