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“A Beautiful Lie” is a romantic drama directed by Li Huizhu ("Warm on a Cold Night") and starring Chen Xingxu ("Wolf Killing Action") and Zhang Yuxi ("Love and Redemption"). It is adapted from the eponymous novel by Er Yue Sheng. A rescue medical team and volunteers head to a disaster area in southwest China. Actress Qin Fei (played by Zhang Yuxi) is one of the volunteers, but everyone is doubtful of her motive. However, Qin Fei works hard and even risks her life to save others in critical moments. As they spend more time together, the captain of the medical team Xing Zhizhi (played by Chen Xingxu) realizes Qin Fei's tenacity and kindness, and the two gets to know each other better. Qin Fei also discovers that the young doctor who saved her life in a dance-competition accident many years ago and rekindled her hope in life was Xing Zhizhi. Their fate is forged long ago. The two support each other and work hard in their careers. Xing Zhizhi once again joins an important rescue mission, and Qin Fei regains public recognition through her efforts. Qin Fei says to Xing Zhizhi, “You risk your life to save lives. You promised me you would return safely, and I believe everything you say, even if they are lies.” This drama will be streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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