Youwei Chen,Chen You Wei
MaleCast,Singer1998-07-07187cmChinese Mainland
Chen You Wei is a member of the popular boy band UNINE, a singer, and an actor. In 2019, he participated in "Youth With You" and officially debuted as a member of the nine-member boy band, UNINE. On May 6, 2019, UNINE released their first EP, "Unlock," and on May 9, their variety show "UNINE Bomba" aired on iQIYI. On October 12, You Wei participated in Season Two of "Super Nova Games" and on October 17, he and his group sang the ending theme song of "No Secrets" titled "Always in Love." On October 21, he released a second EP, "Unusual," with his group. On December 16, the ending theme song, "A Little at a Time," which he sang for the motivational school and youth web drama, "Our Shiny Days," was released. In 2020, he starred in the urban emotional drama "Hello, My Shining Love." On January 18, his group released the single, "Shake and Shake." On May 6, UNINE released their first-anniversary album "U-Night Flight." Chen You Wei participated in Season Three of "Super Nova Games" on July 16 and on July 20, the insert song, "Hi, Youngster," in which he collaborated with Xia Hanyu and He Changxi for the e-sports web drama, "Cross Fire," was released. In August that year, he became a regular cast member on iQIYI's child education variety show "Dear Little Desk."