Xu Hong Hao
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Xu Hong Hao, born on October 28th, 1973, in Hefei, Anhui Province, is a Chinese actor who graduated from the Acting Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1996. In the same year, he participated in his first TV series "Why Women Cry". In 2000, he starred in the historical drama "Yun Dai Ying", which won first place in the medium-length TV series category for the China TV Golden Eagle Award that year. In 2004, he won the Golden Star Award for Outstanding Actor in the military TV series category for his role in the military drama "Chasing the Sun". In 2006, he participated in the military drama "Smoke of Wolves". In 2007, he starred in the military drama "Foresight of the War". In the same year, he starred in "Women Soldiers in Long March" which won the Outstanding Drama Award of the 10th Spiritual Civilization Construction "Five One Project" of the Central Propaganda Department. In 2008, he starred in the military drama "Sniper". In 2011, he appeared in the series "I'm A Special Soldier". In 2012, he starred in the family drama "Yan's Daughter Isn't Worried About Marriage". In 2013, he starred in the military drama "Phoenix Nirvana". In 2015, he starred in the action drama "SWAT". In 2016, he was in the war drama "The King of Guns". In 2009, Xu Hong Hao and Liu Xiao Jie got married and their son Mi Dou was born in 2010.