Ryan Zhang
MasculinoElenco, Cantor1984-09-17185cmChina
Ryan Zhang, a mainland Chinese male singer and actor, graduated from the Vocal Department of Shenyang Conservatory of Music. In 2010, he joined the Kuai Le Tian Tuan 8090 group and served as the leader. In 2015, he starred in the period drama "Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long", playing General Geng Chun under the command of Xia Houjie, and singing the ending theme song "Li Shang".; In the same year, he played the Emperor Zhu Yunwen in the martial arts period drama "Braveness of the Ming"; Subsequently, he played Zhen Shaoxiang, with the online alias “Zhenshui Wuxiang”, in the youth romance idol drama "Love O2O”. In 2016, he starred in the fantasy period drama "Eternal Love" as the female lead Bai Qian's ninth senior, Ling Yu. In 2017, he played the Ninth Prince Yuan Ming in the fantasy period drama "Lost Love in Times".; In the same year, he starred in the period drama "The Flame’s Daughter" and played the young master of Pili Sect, Lei Jinghong. The character Lei Jinghong was lively and reckless in his early days and became close friends with Lie Ruge (played by Dilraba), but after his father's unfortunate death, he quickly matured and took on the responsibility of revenge and revitalizing Pili Sect.; In November, he participated in the iQIYI outdoor reality show "Liao Bu Qi De Shou Ren Zu". In 2018, he returned to "Happy Camp" after 8 years; In the same year, he co-starred in the military drama "Airborne Blade" with Jia Nailiang and played the role of "Difficult Rookie Soldier" Qi Xiaotian.; In the same year, he played Shen Chen, the top male bounty hunter, in iQIYI’s customized web series "A Parallel World".; In the same year, he played the main lead Siqiao in Hunan TV’s large-scale medical rescue drama "Rush into Danger" directed by Yang Shupeng.
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