Roy Wang
HombreReparto, Cantante, Presentado por2000-11-08China continental
Roy Wang, born in Chongqing, China on November 8th, 2000, is a male singer, actor, and host in Mainland China. He has released 30 singles, 18 of which he has composed. His first solo album, "Yuan" was released in 2019. Original Songs: "Tender", "Rainbow Clouds", "Yuan", "Blazing", "Girl", "There's No True Empathy In The World", "Be Myself", "Random Thoughts", "I Don't Know", "Angel", "Determined Man", "My Childhood", "The Same", "Pride", "Seventeen", "Sunshine Will Never Fade Away", "The Cherished" ,"Cause of You". He steadily gained top ratings in the same season, setting a new record. Variety Shows: "Trump Card", "Youth Inn", "I'm Singer-Songwriter", "New Year's Gala", "The Readers", "Trust In China", "Everlasting Classics", "Mask Singer", "Who's the Murderer", "The Sound", "Idol Hits," "Come Sing with Me", and more. Films and TV: He interprets roles carefully and participated in huge roles. He played Zhang Xiaofan in "Noble Aspirations," Ban Xiaosong in "Boy Hood", Mu Chen in "The Great Ruler", The Pale Boy in "L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties", Liu Xing in "So Long, My Son" and "Extreme Agent 4". Honors: Weibo's hottest celebrity topics of the decade, Global Chinese Music Chart, best original singer and the best Chinese song of the year, several new singles won QQ Music highest certification, popular star of Weibo movie night for two consecutive years, the most influential teenager in the world, Chinese youth representative to two ECOSOC Youth Forums, the first post-00 Chinese actor to be at the Berlinale, UNICEF Ambassador, "Global People" magazine columnist, Chongqing Tourism Ambassador, the youngest public welfare fund creator. Records: The youngest person to be enlisted in China Youth, the youngest cover of Global People, "Bazaar Men's" first 1995-born man as the main cover, the youngest cover of "Fashion & Health," the youngest cover of "People". Sold out the June issue of COSMO with 71,319 copies in 48 seconds. Broke the magazine's pre-sale record for the June issue of "Bazaar Men" with 10,000 copies in 1 second and 16 seconds. Holds the record for the fastest-selling magazine in history with the October issue of "Madame Figaro". Sold 80,000 copies of the December issue of "Harper’s Bazaar" in 1 second and 160,000 copies in 8 seconds, becoming the record holder in the history of "Harper's Bazaar" magazine. From 2013 to 2019, the time has witnessed Wang Yuan's growth, his works, identity changes, and honors, as well as his talents in being a singer, an actor, an MS, a columnist, a charity foundation founder, UNICEF ambassador, and multiple other roles.
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