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MaleCast,Singer1978-11-01182cmChinese Mainland
"Born in Guilin, Guangxi on November 1st, 1978, Qiao Zhen Yu is a film and television actor who graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, where he studied classical dance. He was discovered by a talent scout at school and began to take on commercials and film dramas. As a dance student, he won the first prize in folk dance in college. After he was discovered by a talent scout in school, he started to do commercials and TV dramas, and was awarded the New Talent Award in 2003. His representative works include ""Quest"" and ""Sword Washing"". Dance achievements: When he was in school, he toured with his school to Italy and performed in all the major cities in Sicily. The craziest time was 20 minutes after the curtain call, Qiao Zhen Yu's face was covered with red lip prints of Italian women. His college works ""Long Night Journey"", ""The Red Chamber: The Soul of the Buried Flower"" were included as a classic repertoire in the Collection of Chinese Classical Dance Classics. After graduating from university, he entered the China Opera and Dance Theatre and became a pillar of the stage. In 1999, his solo dance ""Guangling San"" became the most representative work of the night and was awarded the Excellent Performance Award by the Ministry of Culture. Films: 2000 ""Soaring Dragon Leaping Tiger"", 2000 ""The New Female Sidekick"", 2001 ""Sword Shatters Jianghu"", 2002 ""Quest"", 2002 ""The new Five Baishou Female"", 2003 ""Princess Wuyou"", 2004 ""Seven Swordsmen"", 2005 ""Princess Shengping"", 2006 ""Royal Tramp"", 2007 ""The Spirit of the Sword"", 2008 ""The Book and the Sword"", ""Memories of the Golden Flame"", 2009 ""Confucius"", ""Dashengkui"", ""Love In Disguise"", 2011 ""Autumn"", ""Heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties"", ""Cherry Color"", ""To Elderly with Love"", ""Beauties at the Crossfire"", ""Painted Skin: The Resurrection"", ""The Story of a Woodcutter and his Fox Wife"", 2013 ""Swords of Legends"", ""Hua Xu Yin: City of Desperate Love"", ""Ghost Stories 4"", 2014 ""Reborn in Blood"", ""War and Peace"", ""The Epiphyllum Dream"", ""City of Angels"", 2015 ""Wicked City"", ""Bad Guys Always Die"", ""Perfect Wedding"", 2016 ""Psychologist"", ""Song of Phoenix, ""The Entangled Life of Qingluo"", 2017 ""Healing Love"", ""Hero's Dream"" Song: ""Song of Phoenix"""