Lyric,Lan Yingying
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Lan Yingying is a TV and movie actress from Mainland China. In 2011, she entered the entertainment industry by starring in the historical fantasy movie "Mural," directed by Gordan Chan. In 2012, she garnered attention through the historical palace harem drama "Empresses in the Palace." In the same year, she also got into Beijing People's Art Theatre as the top-ranked in grades. In 2015, she acted in the urban family comedy "Tiger Mom." In 2016, the youth film "Who Sleeps My Bro," in which she had a role, premiered on the big screen. That same year, she also had a lead role in the resistance war drama "Anti-Japanese." Lan Yingying won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the urban medical drama "Surgeons" at the 8th Macau International Television Festival in 2017.
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