Lee Dong-Gun,Lee DongGun,Lee Dong Gun
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"Lee Dong-Gun is a South Korean actor. ""Lovers in Paris"" propelled him to stardom and quickly made him a successful celebrity endorser. He has signed many advertising contracts with SK, Lotte Beverage, and shopping malls in the past week. At the same time, he has signed advertising contracts with major industries such as telecommunications, food, and construction. Moreover, these three advertising contracts are worth over 1 billion won, and he has received the star treatment. Lee Dong-Gun is evaluated in the CF industry. Before appearing in ""Lovers in Paris"", he made about 100 to 200 million won a year. After ""Lovers in Paris"", his net worth more than tripled. Lee Dong-Gun is now extremely popular since his carefree bohemian style in ""Lovers in Paris"" attracted many young female fans."
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