MaleCast371986-11-10Scorpius77kg189cmChinese Mainland
"Kingscar is a native of Shanghai, China. He graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy. He played Lu Zhan Bo in ""iPartment"" and Hei Yu in ""The Prince of Tennis"". Chinese name: Jin Shi Jia; English name: Kingscar, Gender: Male, Height: 186cm, Weight: 77kg, Birthdate: November 10th, 1986, Elementary School: Shanghai Yong'an Road Primary School Class 3, Middle School & High School: Shanghai No. 62 Middle and High School, University: Shanghai Theatre Academy, Class of 2005, Department of Acting; Education: Bachelor's degree, Profession: Actor, student; Blood type: O; Constellation: Scorpio; Hometown: Xiangshan, Zhejiang; Family members: parents, myself, sister; Skills or specialties: Swimming, acting; Hobbies: Music, movies, playing football; Proudest thing: winning prizes in competitions, Most moved by: Soldiers, Admired Star: Masakazu Tamura, Favorite Animal: Dogs, horses, cats; Favorite Movie: ""Bad Boys"", Favorite books: theoretical books, biographies; Greatest strength: Knowing myself well, Biggest weakness: Some difficulty in communicating with people, Studied in Japan: Osaka, Japan (October 6th, 2009); Current city: Shanghai, China (left Osaka, Japan at 8:30am on September 28th, 2010 to depart for Awaji, Higashiyodogawa) Works: ""iPartment"" as Lu Zhanbo, Co-stars: Zhao Ji, Wang Chuanjun, Chen He, Lou Yixiao, Sun Yizhou, Li Jinming. About ""iPartment 2"": Lu Zhanbo and Wan Yu temporarily left and will go on a trip around the world. They may appear at the beginning and end of the drama. About ""iPartment 3"": According to the preview, Lu Zhanbo and Wan Yu will return. In addition, Mika will also return. ""The Prince of Tennis"" as Hei Yu; Co-stars: Qin Junjie, Wang Ziwen, Wang Chuanjun ""iPartment 3"" as Lu Zhanbo; Co-stars: Lou Yixia, Chen He, Sun Yizhou, Wang Chuanjun, Deng Jiajia, Li Jinming, Zhao Ji ""The Battle for Love"", ""One Hundred Percent in Love"" (2011), ""Crossword Drought"" (2011), ""The Bachelor Apartment"" (2011)"