Kim Go-eun
Also Known As: 星, 金高恩
FemaleCast321991-07-02Cancer167cmSouth Korea
Kim Go-eun is an actress from South Korea. In 2012, she officially debuted with the romance ethics film "Eungyo." With her performance in the film, she won eight Best New Actress awards, including ones from the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 49th Grand Bell Awards. In March 2013, she starred in the thriller "Monster" and the historical action film "Memories of the Sword." In 2015, she played lead roles in the crime action film "Coin Locker Girl" and the family-themed film "Canola." In 2016, she challenged herself to film for the small screen for the first time and starred in tvN's romantic comedy "Cheese In the Trap" and romantic fantasy drama "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God." In July 2017, after her contract with her original management company expired, she signed with BH Entertainment. In 2018, Kim Go-eun made her return to the big screen after two years with the movie "Sunset in My Hometown." In 2019, she starred in the romantic film "Tune in for Love." In 2020, she played the leading role in SBS's romantic fantasy drama "The King: Eternal Monarch." In 2021, she led the tvN romantic comedy "Yumi's Cells."