Jeong-min Hwang,Hwang Jung-Min,Hwang JungMin,Hwang Jung Min
Otros nombres: 黄正民, 황정민
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Hwang Jung Min is a famous actor in Korea. He made his debut in 1990 with the movie "The General's Son". Today, he is known alongside Choi Min Sik, Han Suk Kyu, Song Kang Ho, and Sol Kyung Gu. He is a very intense actor who plays each role differently with a delicate and emotional acting style that is rarely seen in recent times. His main works include the drama "The Accidental Couple", movies "A Man Who Was Superman" and "Happiness", and musicals "42nd Street" and "Tommy". He has won several Best Actor awards and other awards such as Korea's Top Film Star at the 4th Golden Ticket Awards.