Huang Jian Wei
Huang Jian Wei, a character actor, has participated in many movies and TV series and has a rich experience in theater performances. He loves Russian martial arts, Judo, Aikido, Chen-style Tai Chi, Peking Opera Martial Arts, Argentine Tango, Wing Chun, etc. He enlisted in the military on August 17th, 2011, finished his army duty and continued his acting career. He won the Best New Actor in the 4th Taipei Film Festival for "Summer Dream" and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 46th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards in 2009 for "Yang Yang." In April 2014, the Taiwanese contemporary film "The Rice Bomber" in which he played the leading role was released, causing a sensation on the island. In the same month, he starred in the suspense film "Aman Island" directed by South Korean director Jang Yun Hyun.