Hu Jun / Wu Kwan
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"In 2002, Hu Jun won the Best Actor Award at the 7th Golden Bauhinia Awards in Hong Kong for his film ""Lan Yu"". In the same year, he received further acclaim for his role as Qiao Feng in the Mainland version of ""Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils"". Major awards: ""East Palace, West Palace"" Participated in the 97 Gala Film Festival and won the Best Actor Award at the TAORMTMA Film Festival in Italy. 2001 ""Lan Yu"", Participated in the 38th Golden Horse Awards and was nominated for Best Actor. 2002 ""Lan Yu"", Participated in the 7th Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Awards and won the Best Actor Award. 2002 ""Lan Yu"", Nominated for Best Actor at the 21st Hong Kong Film Awards. 2002 ""Asian Chinese Film Media Awards"" Hong Kong Most Popular Actor Award. 2002 ""Lan Yu"", Most Popular Film by Newsweek. 2006 ""Everlasting Regret"" - Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards. 2007 ""Charming China"" Most Popular Actor Award. 2007 ""Curiosity Kills the Cat"" won the 2006 Entertainment Awards, Actor of the Year Award. 2008 ""Red Cliff"", Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 45th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards. 2010 China Fashion Awards, Fashionable Male Star of the Year: Hu Jun, Hu Jun's father is the famous baritone singer Hu Baoshan, who sang ""I Love the Blue Ocean"" in the Hai Zheng Song and Dance Troupe, and his uncle is the famous singer Hu Songhua. In 1987, he entered the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, where his classmates included Xu Fan, He Bing, Jiang Shan, Chen Xiaoyi, Wang Beng, Li Hongtao, and others. When he entered the university, his mother strongly advocated for Hu Jun to enter the Chinese drama school. In school, Hu Jun came into contact with drama and fell in love with art. Things had been smooth for Hu Jun, but he had a bad time after graduation. That period of time made him very depressed. Hu Jun who turned around, began to reveal his personality. Hu Jun is not noble, aspiring to a bland, even almost living a mediocre life. He likes to let nature take its course. Hu Jun does not look amazing, yet his charm has the maturity to it. It is not glamorous, but his inner masculinity can attract the audience. In 2002, he won the Best Actor Award at the 7th Golden Bauhinia Awards in Hong Kong for his film ""Lan Yu"". Many people know that Hu Jun is a good drama actor, but in terms of film, although he looks familiar, there is no chance for people to see his brilliance. However, the homosexual film ""Lan Yu"" has made him a great success. After that, he did a lot of movies and TV dramas. His mature, introverted, and tough masculinity has become popular. In March 2008, he officially became a naturalized citizen of Hong Kong, China, becoming another Mainlander to be naturalized in Hong Kong and Taiwan since Zhou Lingfei, Zhang Ziyi, Lang Lang, and Li Yundi. He is one of the icons of Chinese film strength acting. "