Gao Ye
FemaleCast167cmChinese Mainland
She played the female lead Zhou Yi Yi in the web series "Fall in Love with the My King" aired on November 22nd, 2010, who is simple, innocent, and lovable. In the series, the ordinary girl Zhou Yi Yi was originally the host of a shopping channel. After experiencing the blow of her boyfriend Zhang Cheng Jun falling in love with her friend Zhuang Jing, she transferred to the 999 radio station that was on the verge of shut down. A series of events happened which led her to finally find the love of her life. Movies: "The Power of Youth" as Su Yao, "Secret of Love" as the nurse Xiao Ye. TV drama: "Tina's World" as JENNY (2nd lead), "The Legend of Jade" as Yang Jie (2nd lead), "Fall in love with My King" as Zhou Yi Yi (lead actress), "Under the Hawthorn Tree" as a female nurse. Music video: "Your Sketch."