Feng Zhi Mo
FemaleCast1996-08-04165cmChinese Mainland
Feng Zhi Mo, born on August 4, 1996 in Jinhua, Zhejiang, is a young actress from mainland China. At the age of 5, she started filming advertisements and entered the entertainment industry. At the age of 10, she started shooting TV dramas and movies. She excels in calligraphy, and enjoys playing the piano and dancing. As a talented young actress born in 1996, she has shot multiple advertisements, movies, and TV dramas, and her exquisite performance has been recognized by the audience. She is a promising actress in the future. Her works include “The Girl in Tassel Earring”, “Pearl Earrings”, “The Imprisoned Love”, and “Ying Yang Celestial Master”. In 2017, she starred in the fantasy period drama "Legend of the Little Monk”.