Chia-Jui Kou
"Chia-Jui Kou (November 15th, 1983) is a Taiwanese actor and the son of Golden Bell actor Kou Shixun. He is the eldest in his family. Chia-Jui Kou is a basketball coach and actor. He studied at Fuxing Elementary School, Middle School, and Huideng Middle School and graduated from Taipei City Physical Education Institute with a degree in ball sports. He played the role of Zhu Lei in CTV's ""Story of Time"" and became well known. Works: 2008: ""The Story of Time"", ""Summer Revelation: Baseball Storm"", ""Legitimate Crimes"", Music Video ""Understand"" 2010: Rap in ""Heartbeat of Taiwan"" 2011: ""The Invaluable Treasure 1949"" as Tang Rui Gossip: After her breakup with Lee Wei, Chen Yirong has been blossoming at home and abroad. In addition to her previous pursuit by a Singaporean banker, Zhang Xunjie was also electrified by her and gave her a ride. She was also teased by Chia-Jui Kou. However, according to a magazine report, Chen Yirong's interaction with the above three people seems to be not as enthusiastic as rumored, but with the American-Japanese Mark from Hawaii and the rumors that happen from Shanghai to Taipei. 29-year-old Chen Yirong became too busy to even do anything else. While she filmed ""Story of Time,"" she even had a scandal with Chia-Jui Kou. After filming, she would drag her tired body to accompany her suitor, Mark, who flew over from Hawaii. Related information: ""Dad doesn't want me to speak about him to the public. Maybe he knows that I easily get nervous and will be pressured."" Chia-Jui Kou revealed that his dad is gentle to outsiders but strict to his children. ""We are required to be polite. If we don't finish our rice, we will be beaten."" He wanted to act a few years ago, but his dad opposed it as he thinks that it is tough. After graduation, his dad changed his mind and agreed to let him act. ""He thinks I should try if I have the interest."" Chia-Jui Kou inherited his dad's good looks and personality and is a replica of his dad when he was young, as well as the same popularity with women. Producer Wang Peihua revealed that he attracted actress Chen Yirong as soon as he arrived on set. Chen Yirong asked her privately, ""Can you add some scenes where I fall in love with him?"" Even the entertainer, Xiao Tian Tian, has a crush on him. Chia-Jui Kou has followed his dad around to sets since he was young. There was a sense of familiarity and no newcomer shyness. He laughed and said, ""My dad reminded me before I took up acting and gave me some tips. I can learn many things from him."""
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