Chen Ming Hao
MaleCast, DirectorChinese Mainland
"He graduated from the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama and is an actor of the National Theatre of China. Major theater works: ""Butterfly Lovers"", ""The Marriage of Figaro"", ""Bedbugs"", ""Head Without Tail"", ""The Seventeenth Black Poplar"", ""Ming"" as the Emperor and the Third Prince, ""Two Dogs' Opinion on Life"", ""Labyrinth"" as Da Pi Xie, ""Four Generations Under One Roof"" as Mr. Qian. Major film and television works: ""Fly Like a Chicken Feather"", ""Young Ulanhu"", ""Two Generations"", ""Untouchable Lovers"", ""Magic Mobile Phone"" as Mr. Fan and the Bull Demon King, ""Prelude of Lotus Lantern"" as Reverend Tai Yi, ""Student Abroad"" as Suo Da Yang, ""Where Is My Home"" as Fang Chao, ""We're Not Done"" as Qiu Kai, ""Magic Mobile Phone 2"" as Mr. Fan and the Bull Demon King, ""Love Like a Fool"" as Wang Wei Ye, Liu Sanjie as Xiu Cai. He directed ""Dangerous""."