Bu Guan Jin
FemaleCast1994-05-25162cmChinese Mainland
Bu Guan Jin, born in Hubei province on May 25, 1994, is a film and TV actress in the Chinese mainland. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama. In 2016, she starred in her first film "Mr. Donkey", thus formally entering the entertainment world. In the same year, she starred in a suspense film called "The Disappearance of Suspects". In 2017, she starred in "On the Road". In October of the same year, "Only the Wind Knows", a youth love drama starring Bu Guan Jin had its premiere. In 2018, she was given the "best actress in web drama award" at the Second China Yinchuan Internet Film Festival for playing a role in the youth-themed campus drama "Suddenly This Summer". In the same year, she also acted in the inspirational drama "Chasing Ball". In January 2019, the costume drama "Beauty Hao Lan" was released and she played Bai Ling'er, a general's daughter in the drama.