Ashton Chen
MaleCast1988-01-06174cmChinese Mainland
"Shi Xiaolong, the number one kung fu prince in the Mainland, one of the three young dragons in Mainland China, has been a good and clever boy since a child and has always been good with spears and batons. When he was two years old, he was the Dharma name, Shi Xiaolong, by the abbot at the Shaolin Temple. When he just learned to walk, he often accompanied his father (Chen Tongshan, the current head of the Shaolin Temple, Shi Xiaolong Martial Arts Academy in Songshan, China) to the Shaolin Temple to attend Zen and worship Buddha. The magnificent practice scene of the martial arts monks especially attracted him deeply. Since entering the martial arts world, under his father's teaching, he has made rapid progress and mastered Shaolin basic skills such as Shaolin boxing, kicking, and footwork and learned traditional and set routines such as Shaolin Tong-Arm Fist, Drunken Sword, Drunken Fist, Shaolin Stick, and Five Elements Fist. In the 1992 Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival, he won two outstanding awards for Shaolin Tong-Arm Fist and Luohan Baton, which made him famous and attracted the attention of the film industry. At a young age, Shi Xiaolong was smart and studious. Under the guidance of his father and senior brothers, he studied diligently and practiced hard whether it was windy or rainy, hot and sunny, or cold. He insisted on practicing kung fu and finally won the admiration of the world with his amazing perseverance and superb skills. In June 1999, at a very young age, Shi Xiaolong visited Taiwan with a Buddhist cultural delegation from Songshan Shaolin Temple and was hailed by newspapers and magazines in Taiwan as a ""messenger of peace"" from Mainland China and a ""magical Shaolin dragon"". From then on, Xiaolong's fame grew and people from the acting industry wanted to sign contracts with him. In July 1993, Taiwan Chang-Hong Channel Film & Video Co., Ltd signed a contract with Xiaolong. In August, he made his first film ""Shaolin Popey"" with the famous Taiwanese singer Lin Zhiying. In 1993, he participated in Henan TV Children's Gala. In April 1994, he co-starred in the film ""Oolong Courtyard"" with Wu Mengda and Cheng Shaoqiu in Hong Kong. In August, he filmed the movie ""China Dragon"" in the United States with Taiwanese movie stars Jin Chengwu and Ye Quanzhen and filmed a series of movies in China such as ""The Heroes From Shaolin"". In 1995, he filmed ""Super Mischieves"" with Wu Mengda in Hong Kong, ""The Saint of Gamblers"" with Ge Min Hui and Yau Suk Ching, ""Ten Brothers"" with Taiwan's Chung Chun Tao and Hong Kong's Minnie Cheung, and ""Dragon in Shaolin"" with Hong Kong movie stars, Yuen Biao and Law Ka Ying. This year, Xiaolong was also invited by the Hong Kong Film Association to present an award to the world-famous movie star Jackie Chan as a special guest at the 14th Golden Film Awards. He performed ""Chinese Kung Fu"" at the opening ceremony of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championship in Tianjin. In 1996, Xiaolong took part in the ""Lantern Festival Gala"" organized by CCTV. In April, he filmed ""Adventurous Treasure Island"" with Cheng Hui'an and Fang Fang in Hong Kong, and many more. As he grew older, Xiaolong's martial arts and acting skills get better every day. He has become a famous child actor at home and abroad. Now, Xiaolong is busy filming another 40-episode TV series ""Oolong Courtyard"", in which he plays the leading role. He has been in the film and television industry for 8 years and is only 11 years old this year, but he has long been a big name. On the set of ""Young Justice Bao"", he held a cell phone in his left hand, his right hand carried a laptop, has a ""guard"" on the left, and a martial arts bodyguard on the right. No wonder he is a celebrity of the new generation. The little ""guard"" would help Xiaolong instill knowledge in math, language, and English. To which Xiaolong says, ""In the past, I only shot martial arts scenes. The lines are few and simple. But this time, I'm shooting a 40-episode drama. There are more literary than martial arts scenes. There are idioms where I do not know the meaning, so memorizing the lines naturally becomes more difficult."" At this moment, the teacher taught Xiaolong the idiomatic lines he encountered. It seems that Xiaolong is quite good at applying what he learned. After becoming famous, the rules of a martial arts student cannot be lost. The martial arts teacher who accompanies him would arrange two to three hours a day to supervise Xiaolong's martial arts practice. Xiaolong is also easy to work with. He said his idol is Jackie Chan and he wishes to become an international martial arts superstar like Jackie Chan. Now that phone is actually a tool of Xiaolong's parents to watch him and reprimand him while he is outside! Shi Xiaolong has so far visited Singapore, the United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. While making films, he has been working hard to bring Shaolin martial arts to the world while practicing martial arts and studying it under the strict requirements of his master. Return to acting: In ""Ip Man 2"", there is a stout, eye-catching teenager. Yes, he is the extremely cute little monk in ""Shaolin Popey"", the teenage Zhan Zhao who grew up to be a young man in ""Young Justice Bao"" and the teenage Zhang Wuji in ""Legend of the Swordsman"", Shi Xiaolong. After four years of disappearance, 22-year-old Shi Xiaolong returned to acting with the help of ""Ip Man 2"", back to the big screen. The child actor, who grew up with a generation of people, returned to acting after four years of study in the United States. In an exclusive interview with reporters, Xiaolong said he was ready to make a big comeback in film, television, and music, to get rid of the aura of a child star and turn into a full-fledged entertainer. Filmography: July 1993 ""Shaolin Popey"", April 1994 ""Shaolin Popey II: Messy Temple"", August 1994 ""China Dragon"", April 1995 ""Super Mischieves"", July 1995 ""The Saint of Gamblers"", August 1995 ""Ten Brothers"", December 1995 ""Dragon in Shaolin"", April 1996 ""Adventurous Treasure Island"", 1997 ""Chivalrous Legend"", 1997 ""Heavenly Legend"", November 2000 ""Chinese Heroes"", March 2002 ""Undiscovered Tomb"", April 2010 ""Ip Man 2"", November 2010 ""Legend of the Swordsman"", 2002 ""Kung Fu in Japan"", 2002 ""Black Mask Vs. Gambling Mastermind, 2002 ""The Marvellous Cook"", 2002 ""Teenage Gambler"", 2002 ""Iron Lion"", 2002 ""The Karate Kid"", 2002 ""Kung Fu in Japan"", 2000 ""Gangster Shaolin"", 2002 ""Tomorrow's Diary"", 2009 ""Fire Line Hunting"", November 1999 ""Young Justice Pao 1"", September 2000 ""Eight-year-old Dragon Master In Tokyo"", February 2001 ""Young Justice Pao 2"", April 2001 ""The Magistrate Who's Nine"", June 2001 ""Butterfly Dance"", July 2001 ""Wulung Prince"", August 2008 ""The Young Wong Fei Hung"", November 2001 ""Crouching Dragon Little Zhuge"", May 2002 ""The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber"", 2003 ""The Wanderer Chronicles"", 2003 ""The Drunkard Zhang San"", 2003 ""Water Moon Cave"", 2003 ""Sui & Tang Heroes"", July 2005 ""Young Justice Bao 3"", 2005 ""The Legend of Xue Rengui"", 2009 ""The Legend of Bao Sangu"", 2009 ""Peacock Feather"", 2010 ""The Legend of the Twelve Chinese Zodiacs"", 2010 ""Hero Fang Shiyu"". 1997 Spring Festival, Henan TV Spring Festival Cultural Party and Award Party January 1998, CCTV Overseas Center and Shanghai TV ""Asian Wind"" Cultural Performance January 1998, Henan TV and Hong Kong TV's New Year Gala between Henan and Hong Kong March 1998, special guest of Shaolin Wushu Tournament in Shanghai Da Guan Yuan April 1998, special guest of CCTV ""Dream Theater"" May 1998, Shenyang June 1st Children's Day Party October 1998, Henan TV ""Variety New Line"" February 1999, Henan TV Spring Festival Gala performance ""Soul of Shaolin"" February 1999, CCTV Spring Festival Gala performance ""The New Tortoise and Hare Race"" May 1999, guest host of Hangzhou Pearl TV, June 1st Children's Day Party June 1999, Hunan TV ""Gathering Art Hall"" July 1999, hosted the 52nd episode children's program ""Ultraman"" of Henan TV, and was appointed as the Special Children's Program Host of the station January 2001, East China Six Provinces Spring Festival Gala June 2002, Jiangsu TV ""Super Shocking"" June 1 program June 2002, CCTV ""The Same Song"" June 1st program June 2002, Hunan TV ""Happy Camp"" June 1st program June 2002, Shanghai Oriental TV ""Passionate Wheel"" June 1st program September 2007, Henan TV ""Martial Arts"" guest December 2008, recording ""Kangxi Coming - Martial Arts Child Star Grows Up"" March 2009, recorded CCTV ""Golden Years - Shi Xiaolong"" March 2009, recorded ""Five Continents"" on CCTV International Channel March 2009, he recorded Jiangsu Variety ""Very Weekend"" June 2009, recorded ""Golden Years - Kung Fu Kid"" on CCTV Movie Channel July 2009, Tencent's guest for chat room for the period detective case comedy ""The Legend of Bao Sangu"" July 2009, Tom's guest for chat room for period detective case comedy ""The Legend of Bao Sangu"" November 2009, video chatting on March 2010, recorded Liaoning TV ""Who's the Main Character"" February 2010, recorded ""Best Live"" on Beijing Arts Channel March 2010, recorded ""Very Quiet Distance"" March 2010, recorded ""Lepai Legao"" April 2010, CCTV 6 ""Premiere"" April 2010, Beijing TV Finance Channel ""I Am Crazy About Cars"" May 2010, recorded ""Lepai Legao"" June 2010, guest of Tianjin TV's ""Tonight's the Show"" June 2010, special guest of Beijing TV's all-star game variety show ""100% Victory"". June 2010, Anhui TV broadcasted a large all-star reality show ""Heavenly Sound Ace"", the 11th competition, the new ace Shi Xiaolong participated in the event December 2010, recorded Shenzhen TV's ""Baby on Big Star"" February 2011, recorded CCTV's ""Spring Festival Festival"" March 2011, recorded Beijing TV's ""Super Interview"" March 2011, recorded ""Day Day Up"". June 1993, visited Taiwan with the Buddhist Wenhua delegation from Song Shan Shaolin Temple and was received by Yu Dawei, Hao Bo Cun and Chiang Wei Kuo July 1993, signed a contract with Taiwan's Chang Hong Film and Television Company April 1995, Guest of honor at the 14th Hong Kong Film Awards May 1995, opening ceremony performance of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championship in Tianjin September 1995, Seoul TV station in Korea came to Shaolin Temple to shoot a feature film for Shi Xiaolong September 1995, the 4th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival October 1995, German TV station Kelo came to Shaolin Temple to shoot a feature film for Shi Xiaolong May 1996, renewed the one-year contract with Taiwan Chang Hong Film and Television Company August 1996, the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Union in Japan visited China to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding. September 1996, performed in Shenzhen with the martial arts monk group of Song Shan Shaolin Temple in China October 1996, Kunming, the fifth China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival opening and closing ceremonies and kung fu performance February 1997, at the request of the Chinese Martial Arts Association of the Philippines, he visited the Philippines to perform Shaolin kung fu and shoot a special film September 1997, the opening performance of the 5th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival November 1997, filming of KODAK Learning Machine, Kewang VCD advertising film March 1998, special guest of Shanghai Da Guan Yuan Shaolin Wushu Tournament 1998, filmed commercials for children's soy sauce and Yinduofu pressure cooker August 1998, Henan TV station flood relief party performance with on-site donation of 10,000 yuan September 1998, performed live for Henan Jianye team's relegation battle cheering September 1998, filming MTV ""Shaolin, Shaolin"". October 1998, special guest for the opening of Guangdong Shunde Baolin Temple October 1998, filming MTV ""Soul of Shaolin"" October 1998, Henan TV ""Variety New Line"" November 1998, Xuzhou Huaihai Battle Victory 50th Anniversary Party November 1998, the 18th China TV Flying Sky Award Gala March 1999, filming of Kewang VCD commercial September 1999, the opening ceremony of the 6th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival October 2000, the opening ceremony of the National Shaolin Kung Fu Competition January 2001, East China Six Provinces Spring Festival Gala November 2002, filmed a commercial for Neptune Colostrum June 2002, donated 10,000 yuan worth of repeating machines to Sunzu Hope Primary School in Linyi, Shandong Province June 2002, CCTV Heart to Heart Art Troupe performed in Zhengzhou August 2003, filmed Linlong motorcycle commercial September 2003, went to the United States alone to attend high school July 2005, met with fans in Wenmiao Square, Quanzhou City July 2005, he was the camp director of ""Dragon in Shaolin"" summer camp, and presented gifts to 13 orphans in Dengfeng, Henan Province and Boshan Town, Nanyang City. 2006, the first-lifetime endorsement 2008, donated 30,000 yuan to Sichuan earthquake victims and called for donations at school. 2008, provided the sword to the International Association of Environmental Protection Organizations and participated in the charity auction of ""All for one, one for all"". June 2008, finished high school at Professional Children's School December 2008, interviewed by Dahe Newspaper April 2009, casting interview for Beijing Light Media May 2009, guest of honor at the 9th Digital Film Lily Awards May 2009, Beijing Xidan Book Building, signing ""Everlasting Love"", showing love to orphaned children nationwide June 2009, Shanghai press conference of ""Fire Line Hunting"" July 2009, ""Fire Line Hunting"" Beijing press conference August 2009, judge of the finals of the ""Search for Bruce Lee"" campaign August 2009, guest of honor at the first National Fitness Day taijiquan performance for 10,000 people August 2009, press conference of ""Ip Man 2"" in Foshan, Guangdong August 2009, the first Chinese Chivalry Culture Festival in Laiwu, Shandong Province October 2009, guest of Shaolin martial arts special performance in Xinxian November 2009, guest of the performance of Tianxiu D Dance Show of Communication University of China November 2009, video chatting on December 2009, shooting TV series ""Peacock Plumes"" March 2010, Playing Traveler magazine shooting highlights March 2010, ""Yuehma locks""charity March 2010, the award ceremony guest of the Chinese charts April 2010, Sina chat live April 2010, ""Ip Man 2"" trailer conference April 2010, Beijing Student Film Festival opening ceremony April 2010, Jiangsu Tongli Spring Film Promotion Ceremony Premiere Ceremony April 2010, ""Ip Man 2"" world premiere conference in Beijing April 2010, Shi Xiaolong and Huang Xiaoming talked to Sina Entertainment about the movie ""Ip Man 2"" April 2010, ""Ip Man 2"" press conference in Zhengzhou April 2010, Entertainment Grand Ceremony April 2010, the 11th Beijing Auto Show May 2010, 2009 Zenith Entertainment Grand Ceremony guest June 2010, the first press conference of the movie ""The Knife Runner"" was held in Guangzhou The Knife Runner release party June 2010, attended the premiere of ""Ocean Paradise"" in Beijing January 2011, he and the cast of ""Peacock Feather"" participated in the recording of CCTV's Spring Festival Gala, which was broadcast from the 30th to the 7th day of the Chinese New Year at 12:35 pm. March 2011, participated in the award ceremony of Youku's ""New Year Celebration"". March 2011, participated in the CBA Star Game CBA All-Star Game Advertising endorsement of Shi Xiaolong sportswear "