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Luoyang: Highlights

Luoyang: Highlights

Luoyang Ultimate TrailerLuoyang Press ConferenceLuoyang TrailerLuoyang TrailerLuoyang TrailerLuoyang Press Conference Preview-Baili HongyiLuoyang Press Conference Preview-Wu SiyueLuoyang Press Conference Preview-Gao BingzhuEP1_Baili Hongyi is a professional gourmetEP1_An informer finds Baili HongyiEP1_Chaos at South CityEP1_Gao talks to Baili HongyiEP1_Baili Hongyi tastes dessertsEP2_Baili Hongyi refuses to get marriedEP2_Gao is almost killedEP2_Liu invites Baili Hongyi to meetEP3_Gao kills Baili Hongyi's father?EP3_Baili Hongyi and Liu's weddingEP3_Baili Hongyi finally accepts his marriageEP3_Liu has always had a crush on Baili HongyiEP4_Baili Hongyi loses his father foreverEP4_Gao gets kicked out of Buliangjing CityEP4_Gao is attackedEP4_Baili Hongyi finds something suspiciousEP5_Bai Lang helps Gao to get informationEP5_Gao invites Siyue to investigate with himEP5_Gao helps Baili Hongyi to check his father's bodyEP6_Baili Hongyi finds a related caseEP6_Gao kisses Siyue to save herEP6_Baili Hongyi smells Liu's hair oilEP7_Gao and Baili Hongyi find the suspectEP7_Gao's sad memoryEP7_Gao cries bitterly in Siyue's armsEP8_Liu makes soup for Baili HongyiEP8_Baili Hongyi confronts Liu's uncleEP8_Gao is moved by SiyueEP8_Siyue and Baili Hongyi buy time for GaoEP9_Baili Hongyi tries hard to stall Liu's uncleEP9_Baili Hongyi and Siyue pretend to argueEP9_The important evidence is lostEP9_Gao knows the true identity of Master ChuEP10_Gao and Baili Hongyi quarrel like kidsEP10_Gao and Baili Hongyi's different table mannersEP10_Gao saves Baili HongyiEP10_Gao and Baili Hongyi fight togetherEP11_Baili Hongyi doesn't believe GaoEP11_Liu knows Baili Hongyi suspects her uncleEP11_Baili Hongyi doesn't know how to comfort LiuEP11_A bigger conspiracy?EP12_Gao always appears when Baili Hongyi needs helpEP12_Baili Hongyi understands Gao's implicationEP12_Gao is betrayed by his friendEP12_Baili Hongyi questions the murdererEP13_Gao is caughtEP13_Baili Hongyi and Liu's marriage comes to an end?EP13_Siyue is kidnappedEP13_Baili Hongyi finds Master Chu for helpEP14_Gao's mother diesEP14_Gao is deeply grieved for losing his momEP14_Liu runs away from home