Let’s Party more info2020-11-20 Episode12 Part1 Prom of THE9

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As the party initiator, THE 9 that debuted in “Youth With You” will design a fun theme party and lead a number of guests to play games and compete in talents every week to bring you joy!

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Episode12 Part1 Prom of THE9
Episodes 1-24
  • 1-24
Episodes 1-24
  • 1-24
The Advance Trial Operation of the THE9 Party CompanyEp1 THE9 classmates' party is comingEp2 Part1 THE9 reproduces the classic look in Youth With You Season 2Ep2 Part2 Jin Xing praises Liu Yuxin for her maturityEp3 Part1 Esther Yu is “Disliked” by David WangEp3 Part 2 Ming Dow’s Tyrant-type Favor of His Fan Yan YuEp4 Part 1 THE9 Becomes a Cowboys’ GroupEp4 Part 2 Yan Yu Roars to Criticize HerselfEp5 Part1 THE9 Meeting of Martial Arts Circles BeginsEp5 Part2 Here Comes Big Devil K LuEp6 Part 1 THE9 compets for the greatest TalkerEp6 Part 2 XIN Liu and K Lu wirte love poems to each otherEp7 Part1 trainees' reunion dance "YES! OK!"Ep7 Part2 Babymonster An was ridiculed for mass textingEp8 Part1 XIN Liu cosplays a Bull Terrier.Episode 8 Part 2 Xiaotang Zhao and Du Haitao becomes relatives on the scene.Episode 9 Part 1 Members of THE9 become "elite agents".Episode 9 Part 2 Xiaotang Zhao is hit in the face miserably.Episode 10 Part 1 THE9 become car racerEpisode 10 Part 2 Silence talks about his experience as a mentor in Youth With You 2Episode 11 Part 1 THE9 Berubah Menjadi Bintang BesarEpisode 11 Part 2 THE9 "tricky" question puzzled allEpisode12 Part1 Prom of THE9Episode12 Part2 Alan Yu and Fair Xing show how sweet romance is