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HAHAHAHAHA Season 2 more info2021-11-19 HAHAHAHAHA 2 Start 4

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This program consists of the brand new “5HA Tour Group,” Deng Chao, Chen He, Lu Han and Peng Yuchang. They will be taking on 10 different travel destinations, and go through 10 different travel themes. They will rely on their wisdom, stamina and luck along the way to complete tasks and finish games to unlock the ultimate challenge along the way.
Episodes 1-28
  • 1-28
Episodes 1-28
  • 1-28
EP22 A Great Sing-along at the Harvest PartyEP21 5H Group Members Turn into Professional JournalistsEp20 Xu Zhisheng's Drawing Makes Lu Han LaughEp19 Deng Chao and Cheng Lu Make A Great TeamEp18 Chen He Becomes A PhotographerEp17 Unreasonable Group Members in a Vegetable Identification GameEp16 Deng Chao Gets Hit in the Face with a SnowballEp15 Han Tianyu and Zhang Hong Make A Surprise AppearanceEP14 Xu Zhisheng and Li Dan Sub in for the CrewEP13 5H Tour Group Takes the Editors on a Fun TripEP12 Wuha Regiment's terracotta warriors and horses make up and laugh over the audienceEP11 William Chan and Peng Yuchang vying to be the eldest brother?EP10 Chen He and Lu Han Eating Canned HerringEP9 Waking up Peng at 2 AMEp08 Lu Han Digs Mud and Turbo Liu's Shower Goes Wrong?Ep07 Lu Han and Turbo Liu's Surprise VisitEp06 The 5H Group Challenges 'Cavemen' Face to FaceEp05 Will Peng Yuchang Find the Parallel UniverseEP04 Wuha Orange Garden Guardian Ancient Poem CompetitionEP03 Wuha Group Hanzhong Tang Poetry Culture TourEP02 5H Noodles Shop Open until LateEp01 5H Members Cook Noodles for StudentsHAHAHAHAHA 2 Start 4HAHAHAHAHA 2 Start 3HAHAHAHAHA 2 Start 2HAHAHAHAHA 2 Start 1HAHAHAHAHA 2 Preview 2HAHAHAHAHA 2 Preview 1