The Rap of China 2020

09-25 Episodes

  • Ep7 Part 2 JelloRio Retorts to WILL.T
  • Ep7 Part1 Jay Park Joins The Rap of China 2020
  • Ep6 Part2 Escalation between Will Pan and Jane Zhang
  • Ep6 Part1(B)BrantB vs. Dragon
  • Ep6 Part1(A)Kris Wu’s Fierce Response to WILL.T
  • Ep5 Part2 Dragon’s Refusal Sets GAI off
  • Ep5 Part1 Jane Zhang’s Meltdown during the Show
  • Ep4 Part2 JelloRio & BrantB to Make Kris Wu Weep
  • Ep4 Part1 1V1 Hit Song Maker
  • Ep3 Part2 Kris Wu fixes Dragon in advance
  • Ep3 Part1 (B) Jane Zhang Triggers a Hidden Bomb
  • Ep3 Part1(A) Kris Wu & BrantB Back to Fried Noodles
  • Ep 2 Part 2 The 100s battle for the label is on
  • Ep 2 Part 1 Will Kris Wu and Will Pan break up?
  • Ep1 Part 2 Rapper Gathering in 2020
  • Ep1 Part 1 Kris Wu joins The Rap of China again

The Rap of China 2020

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RegionChinese Mainland
TypeReality Shows
HostChe Che
GuestsKris WuJane ZhangWilberPanGAIJAY PARK
DescriptionWith a new lineup of producers, “The Rap of China 2020” offers a wider audition range covering more countries and channels; painstaking works by diverse rappers show purer Hiphop on a more shocking stage; using the voice of the youth to carry mainstream values, the program promotes the rise of outstanding Chinese rappers.

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