True Colours

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RegionChina Mainland
DirectorHan Yang
CastWayneLi Ting TingRyanhsiaoyuYu Kai Ning
DescriptionChildhood friends, Lu Jia Jia and Nian Meng Yu, are each other’s bad company. They had been studying in the medical university in Shanghai after graduated from high school. With his family background and business sense, Nian Meng Yu started his own business at the university. Meanwhile, in order to buy a mobile phone for her first love, money-grubber Lu Jia Jia became Nian Meng Yu’s accountant. She also worked as a part-time discarded items collector. When Lu Jia Jia realized her true feelings, she broke up with her first love. But Nian Meng Yu was attracted by Sun Xiao Hui, the classic beauty from the university. As an expert in love relationship, Sun Xiao Hui toyed Nian Meng Yu around. It was under Lu Jia Jia’s help that Neng Meng Yu saw clearly about the truth. Soon after, Lu Jia Jia’s senior, Jiang Feng, fell in love with Jia Jia while Nian Meng Yu gradually realized his feelings

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