The Moon Brightens for You

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RegionChina Mainland
DirectorLan Hai HanWang Fei
DescriptionZhan Qinghong, the daughter of Zhan Podi-the deputy director of Wulin clans, was forbidden to be involved in any Wulin affairs. Zhan Qinghong ran away from home and determined to one day take the title of director of Wulin. With her inadequate Kungfu, Zhan Qinghong met charming and sophisticated noble man Wen Yu; she also accidently helped Zhi Zilin-the son of former director of Wulin become the director. The three joined hands trying to conciliate the civil strife among the clans. However, the deaths of family members, separation of the loved one, betrayal of friends, have made Zhan Qinghong resentful; fortunately, Lin has always been there and helped her stay on the righteous track, she gradually understands more about chivalry, and love along the way…

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