Another Me

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RegionChina Mainland
TypeYouthFeature MoviesIdol
CastYue ShenChen Dou LingDylanZou TingweiLiang Jing KangXu Xiao SaLi Guang FuLiu TaoJie Liu
DescriptionAn outgoing girl Ansheng tries to help her shy friend Qiyue to win Jiaming’s love. However, Jiaming is attracted to Ansheng. In order to protect their friendship, Ansheng runs away with a bar singer. Qiyue and Jiaming are in a long-distance relationship after they go to colleges. After graduation, she plans to get married with Jiaming, yet he keeps stalling on it. One day, she accidentally discovers his love for Ansheng. The wedding is off. Qiyue and Ansheng meet each other again at work. Because of Ansheng, Qiyue gets fired. In order to earn Qiyue’s forgiveness, Ansheng opens a bar to keep her company. Unfortunately, Qiyue loses her younger brother because of Ansheng. The relationship between them hits the lowest point. Later Qiyue accidentally meets Ansheng’s biological dad and helps him reunite with her. In the end, Qiyue and Ansheng understand the true meaning of friendship.

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