Mr. Housework

10-18 Episodes

  • Mr. Housework Ep 12
  • Mr. Housework Ep 11
  • Mr. Housework Ep 10
  • Mr. Housework Ep 09
  • Mr. Housework Ep 08
  • Mr. Housework Ep 07
  • Mr. Housework Ep 06
  • Mr. Housework Ep 05
  • Mr. Housework Ep 04
  • Mr. Housework Ep 03
  • Mr. Housework Ep 02
  • Mr. Housework Ep 01

Mr. Housework

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RegionChinese Mainland
TypeReality ShowsiQIYI Presents
HostDaniLi DanFu Shou Er
GuestsJustin YuanZhang Xin YiWei Da XunSilenceAzora Chin
DescriptionIQIYI's topical observation variety show "Man Doing Housework" advocates new family style and new virtues, creates new traditions and makes that "men do housework" a new trend of the harmonious society. This program sticks to the concept of “life with stories”, calls for family responsibilities, improves communication methods and shares life wisdom, portraying warm, beautiful and happy life scenes in the ordinary life. Resident guests include: the couple Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi, Wei Daxun and his parents Mr. and Mrs. Wei, Wang Sulong and You Zhangjing. Observation Group includes: Zhu Dan, Li Dan and Fu Shou’er.

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