Adventurous Romance

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RegionChina Mainland
TypeCitySci-fiRomanceCommercial WarLoveYouthFeature MoviesIdol
DirectorRen Xiaojun
CastLi Wen HanSu Meng YunLi Jun ChenWang Jia NingWang Mian
DescriptionThis is a sci-fi story happening in a university, about love and dream. The pop star Liu Xingyu quit the show biz because of some rumor. He studies in a university as a new identity, Xinyu. An experiment about “brain-control with CMOS chip” is known by everyone after a series of stories. With the encouragement of his friends, Xinyu steps on the stage again. This story shows the both sides of technology based on this sci-fi experiment, telling audiences that never offend others’ baseline of morality.

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