Ten Years Late

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RegionChina Mainland
TypeRomanceCommercial WarLoveCity
DirectorChung Shu Kai
CastShawn DouGulnazar,Gulinazhaer BaihetiyaerCecilia BoeyWang Zi YunJeremy JonesKimHoi Lin,Andrew LinGao YeGuo Xuan
DescriptionIn Ten Years Late, Jin Ran (played by Dou Xiao) is an excellent hunter who gives up the high salary abroad for love and dream and becomes the CEO of Feitu Travel. Thus, he meets his first love, Yuan Lai (played by Guli Nazha), and overcomes many difficulties both in career and relationship. Yuan Lai is a candid product manager in Feitu Travel, who endures pains for love. From school to work over ten years, these two lovers meet again at workplace and finally get back together.

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