When We Are Together

RegionChina Mainland
TypeCommercial WarCityFeature MoviesFamily
DirectorMeng Ji
DescriptionBorn in 1978, Zhen Kaifang, Xiao Qing, Ouyang Yanyan were childhood friends because their fathers are good friends. However, they feel estranged when they gather again after 30 years. With their fathers coming into their lives, they get back in touch. At this time, Zhen Kaifang gets divorced, becoming a single, unemployed mother. There's a “war” between Xiao Qing and her freshman daughter. Ouyang Yanyan, the happiest one, resigns, raising an uproar in her family. Facing the sudden midlife crisis, the three rely on each other, looking for breakthroughs in life. In the end, Ouyang Yanyan starts a new career. Xiao Qing finds her daughter an independent girl. Zhen Kaifang finds her love. In the hustle and bustle of life, the three middle-aged women finally find their long-lost desire, and regain the faith in a better life.

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