Unique Lady

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DirectorTak Yuen
CastGong JungreenlyAlenYu Kai NingLi Hao
DescriptionThe heroine Lin Luojing becomes the daughter of a prime minister after passing through time and space into the game world and is granted a marriage, but she does not know this is just the beginning of a plot… If she wants to go back to the real world, the only way is to walk through the heroes in the game. She meets bossy and affectionate Zhong Wumei; Liu Xiuwen, the reserved and unusual imperial bodyguard; Jiang Xuanyu, the unruly son of a rich businessman; Hua Yingchi, the elegant and arrogant sword lord; Jin Chen, the evil, arrogant and charming Prince Jingyuan. How should Lin Luojing choose when she is in the face of all kinds of male characters?